Resident Activities

South Portland Housing Authority coordinates activities for our Residents on a monthly basis. Residents of the following SPHA buildings are eligible to participate in these activities:

Adam Court                                  Broad Pines (235 Broadway)
Betsy Ross House                       Hazard Towers (425 Broadway)
Landry Village                              Mill Cove (10 Soule Street)
Ridgeland Estates                       St. Cyr Court (1700 Broadway)
Ridgeland Gardens

You can view or download the calendar to see which activities we have scheduled for the upcoming month. Remember to contact Janet Taylor, Activities Coordinator, at (207) 773-4140 ext. 246 if you are a Resident in one of the above-mentioned buildings and are interested in attending any of these activities. More detailed registration instructions and activity updates/news is also available below.

Click here to view or download the November 2023 Resident Activities Calendar