Public Housing

SPHA has 250 Public Housing units for low-income 55 years or older, elderly (62+), handicapped or disabled persons 18 years of age and over.

Applicants on the Public Housing list may be offered a unit at any of the following locations (we are unable to take applicant requests for a specific Public Housing property):

ST. CYR COURT (1700 Broadway): 100 units, (10 handicap accessible).

LANDRY VILLAGE: 50 units, (5 handicap accessible).

HAZARD TOWERS (425 Broadway): 100 units, elevator (5 handicap accessible).

Efficiencies, 1 & 2 bedroom units available.

Handicap accessible units available.

Public Housing Residents pay 30% of their adjusted household income for rent.

Water, Heat, Electricity, and Gas are included.

For more information about the Public Housing program, please contact us at (207) 773-4140 during business hours.