Section 8/HCV Waiting List


Effective March 1, 2022, all housing authorities within the State of Maine that administer Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers will begin using a new Centralized Waiting List through


If you already applied for this program online or with one of the participating Housing Authorities, and are currently on the waiting list, you do not need to complete another application, but you should have received an application update notice around the end of 2021. Existing applicants were required to complete an update on the new software system by April 30, 2022, in order to remain on the waiting list. 

There are two ways to UPDATE your application if you were already on the waiting list under the old software system:

  1. Visit Click on “Update Application” and follow the prompts to create an account. Once you complete the sign-up process, you can view and edit your application and complete your update. You must create a new username on to access your application, your previous username and password will no longer be valid.
  2. You can download and print an Update Form to complete, or request and Update Form from any participating Housing Authority office. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the office may be closed to the public, please call ahead. The completed Update Form should be mailed to at the address listed on the Form. For a list of Participating Housing Authorities and their locations, please visit


After March 1, 2022, if you are not on the waiting list and would like to apply, you may complete an online application by visiting

To complete a NEW online application if you are not already on the waiting list, you will need to sign-up for access. To do this, you must have your own email address and you must have a phone number. Once you have created an account you should be able to log in and complete an application.

If you are unable to complete an online application, you can download and print an application, or you can pick up or call for an application from any of the participating Housing Authorities. Please fill out the entire application, sign it and return it to ONE of the participating Housing Authorities nearest you. Each participating Housing Authority accepts applications via mail or in person during normal business hours. Only ONE application per family will be accepted.  There is no need to go to more than one participating agency to submit an application. When the application is received, it will be checked and if any corrections are needed the application will be sent back to you. Once the corrected application is received your name will be placed on the Waiting List for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program.

We cannot tell where you stand on the Wait List or estimate the length of time before you are chosen from the Wait List for a Voucher. A lot of factors determine how names are selected from the list. Funding from HUD determines how many vouchers each of the Housing Authorities can issue. Some vouchers which come available can only be issued to persons with disabilities; veterans; or homeless persons for example.

The most important thing that you can do, while you wait for a Voucher, is keep your information updated.  You can update your application by logging in to If you are unable to access your application online, you can fill out an Update Form to report a new home address or mailing address, phone number, or change a Preference. This form can be picked up at or be mailed to you by any participating Housing Authority. Write down the change and get it back to the Housing Authority.

If the Housing Authority can’t reach you by mail when your name comes up, your application will be made inactive, and you will have to apply again.