Work Orders

If you are a Resident at a South Portland Housing Authority property, and something breaks or needs repair, please notify us so we can make the repair as soon as possible.

  • Call the office at 207-773-4140, OR
  • Complete a Work Order request by completing and submitting the form below.

EMERGENCY WORK ORDERS must be called into the office.

Following is a list of typical Emergency Work Orders:
·         No heat if it is below 68 degrees outside
·         Refrigerator not working
·         Entrance doors left unlocked
·         Power outage
·         Electrical problems
·         Roof leaks
·         Fire/Fire alarm
·         Sprinkler problems
·         Smoke detector problems
·         Toilet clogged or leaking
·         Flooding
·         Window that is broken or unlockable
·         Gas smells
·         Elevator issues
·         Water heater problems
·         Trash compactor issues
·         Lockouts ($50 Fee after hours)
·         Icy conditions
·         Plumbing problems
·         Smell of smoke


Work Order Request Form

  • Please enter your email address if you would like to receive an email confirmation to notify you that your Work Order has been completed.
  • Please specify the room in which the repairs are needed if you are requesting something general like door, light or wall repair.